Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the top Frequently Asked Questions here:

What’s the difference between the service JEM provides and a larger fulfilment operation such as Amazon?

Here at JEM we understand what a big deal it is to consider trusting someone else with part of your business. With us, you get all the benefits of our expertise (over 35 years of experience!) and a personal touch too. Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager who looks after both the client and their products.  We feel it is important to build a relationship on good communication and great customer service. Because we get to know you and your business so well, you get better service, flexibility, brand awareness, support and guidance from us than a larger fulfilment operation.

Whats the difference between fulfilment and fulfillment?

There’s no real difference… fulfilment and fulfillment share the same definition (to carry out, to realise, to achieve), but they have a different spelling depending on where you are in the world.  Americans are more likely to use ‘fulfillment’ as a spelling rule, whereas Australia and the UK use ‘fulfilment’.

I’m not satisfied with my current fulfilment services, how easy is it to transition our fulfilment logistics to JEM?

Very easy! If you are already established and are looking to change fulfilment centres, we will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible. We would suggest either a transitional period or a full change with our support. The thought of moving is daunting; however, we are experienced with such situations, that the outcome is in fact straight forward.

How long will it take to switch everything over? At JEM, we can do it in a matter of days.

Are your fulfilment services international, or is it restricted to UK fulfilment only?

Yes, our services are international. Right from the start of the JEM journey we despatched globally (over 35 years ago!). We are up to date with the latest customs requirements now that the UK has left the EU and our systems have been developed to ensure detail is provided electronically to the relevant customs departments.

How do you integrate with my existing setup?

We can quickly and easily integrate with your existing eCommerce platform. We do this by way of an ‘API’. To set-up the connection, we work with you to set-up the required credentials on your eCommerce platform and then we do the rest, so you can get on with growing your business.

The integration allows us to seamlessly download your orders and, once we have shipped the order, update the status automatically on your eCommerce platform and include any tracking information, if available.

Our in-house custom IT solutions also allow integration with other non-eCommerce systems. There are several options for this, depending on what is available within your system. Be that an API, data file export etc. We have the ability in-house to be able to write a custom ‘plugin’ within our system to suit the needs of your system. We will work with you, or your technical resource, to specify and implement such a solution. Don’t be daunted if you’re not ‘technical’, you don’t need to be – our JEM IT team are here to help you.

What eco-friendly processes do you employ in the fulfilment process?

Here at JEM we want to be part of your sustainability goals. In fact, we have our own. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment – from using biodegradable packing peanuts to reusing packaging wherever possible – and we always use the most appropriate sized mailing packages (no tiny product in a huge mailing box from us!). As part of our end-to-end fulfilment service we can also help you source environmentally friendly product packaging and recyclable materials if required.

Are your warehouses climate controlled? How do you prevent inventory from damp, fires and volacanoes?

Yes, several of the warehouses are controlled with heating. Our warehouses are designed to handle changes in climate. Goods are kept off the floors and regular checks are carried out on each of our warehouses. Thankfully, there are no active volcanos in the UK with the last eruption estimated to be about 55 million years ago – so everything is safe from lava!

What insurance do you offer for our goods? If none, why?

Located in a quiet and peaceful area of Surrey, our warehouses are modern, clean, safe and secure. We look after your orders as if they were our own. Our storage facilities are fitted with 24/7 CCTV so you can rest assured that products will be well looked after. State-of-the-art racking means that we can offer bulk, palletised and racked storage, along with smaller consignments such as box deliveries. We also have the facilities to accommodate individual items using pigeonholes, shelves and hanging racks.

Our buildings are all fully insured. We strongly advise our clients to insure their own goods within our premises (and all good fulfilment companies should do the same!) as JEM do not have ownership of the product. We are happy to advise and provide contact details of our insurance broker who has good knowledge of our premises which will reduce the amount of admin time when filling out forms.

I’m interested in working with JEM to outsource my fulfilment. What’s the process?

We’d love to discuss your requirements and let you know what we could do. We can offer a tour of our facilities and a demo of our fantastic IT services. We would then send you our fulfilment guide which includes a variety of services and costs based on the information supplied to date. You’ll have the set-up and ongoing costs, no guesswork or unexpected charges. When you’ve worked out exactly what you want, we supply a detailed proposal.

Can you supply references?

When it comes to choosing a fulfilment house, it’s such a good idea to ask for references so you can talk directly to a few existing clients, particularly any that share any similarities with your business. We are confident that all our JEM customers would be happy to recommend us, just ask us to pass on the reference details. You can also check out our testimonials and find out what our lovely, diverse range of clients have to say about being part of the JEM family.

What Coronavirus precautions do you take as a fulfilment house? How are my orders handled and what precautions are your staff taking?

Coronavirus has been taken very seriously at JEM and we’ve put in place precautions to safeguard our staff. PPE is available, screens erected where a 2-metre distance cannot be maintained, floor markings and access and exit points have been assigned. We have regular meetings and memos to keep staff up to date on the latest COVID compliance. We are proud to say we kept making deliveries safely throughout lockdown, meeting our usual high expectations and helping our clients succeed at a time of uncertainty and a surge in online sales.

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