Mary Goodhew

Finance Manager

A long-standing member of the JEM family, Mary joined the company in 1994. Moving up through the finance department, Mary’s proud to say, “I love my job”.

Before joining JEM, Mary worked for Ronson Products as a Costing Clerk, then joined Burmah Oil as an Accounts Assistant. Mary put her tenacity to the test when she was made redundant but after just one day, she was offered a job working for Phot-scan (CCTV) security. There, Mary impressed and was made assistant to the Chief Accountant where she stayed for 11 years, until working for William Hill and then JEM.

Mary started off as an Accounts Assistant. “Our old accountant did a lot of the work I do now, and I gradually took over duties such as the Payroll and the VAT etc. He taught me an awful lot.”

As Finance Manager, Mary’s role changes to suit the needs of the company. “It varies during the month,” Mary explains. “End of month probably takes about 10 days, otherwise I’m busy making sure that our suppliers are paid on time, and taking care of bank reconciliations, VAT reconciliations, payroll and expenses.”

The people at JEM make JEM the success it is. “I love all the people and I love my job,” says Mary.

When she’s not at work, Mary loves swimming and the outdoors. “I used to swim for Surrey in my youth. I love the sea and the countryside.”